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The Sporting Difference was been set up by Chartered Sport psychologist Steffi Dampney, BSC, MSc, MBPsS, CPsychol, who endeavours to help both individuals and teams perform at their best.


Nowadays in sport many, if not most, of the physical aspects are covered, be it nutrition, strength and conditioning, fitness, physio, the list goes on!  However there often seems to be a missing link to achieving that elusive optimal performance... This is where sport psychology comes in.  When you spend so much time and effort training the physical, why not also apply yourself to the mental?  

Steffi works from the perspective that behind every athlete is a person, and by first taking the time to understand this person, Steffi can the help them explore who they are and how they can achieve their potential.  This includes recognising the impact that their energy levels, their well-being, their environment and their support network can have on them.  This ultimately allows them to appreciate the relationship they have between their thoughts, feelings, physiology and behaviours.  By doing this, she hopes to develop each athlete holistically, allowing them to consistently perform at their best. 











To hear more about how Steffi can help you achieve your potential, please email or contact her using the form below.

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About Steffi Dampney - The Sporting Difference

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Individual Support

Steffi can offer individual support for athletes ranging from novice to elite.  Whether it be increasing confidence, maintaining consistency or learning a new skill, Steffi can help athletes discuss and discover how they can achieve these.

Team Support

Developing team cohesion, individual and team goals, understanding leadership, assertiveness and increasing confidence are all areas that Steffi covers with teams in various sports.

Coaches & Parents

Often coaches and parents ask what they can do to help the athlete achieve their best.  Steffi aims to help coaches, parents and support staff understand the mindset that athletes aspire to, and in doing so open up the lines of communication to help foster an optimal relationship for the whole team.

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Malmesbury, Wiltshire

07940 674834

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