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"Spotlight has been designed to help you to develop a greater understanding of your performance preferences under pressure.  It is recognised that we need to understand more than just your behavioural style, we need to understand the mindset you have and how these two components impact how you perform whether this be in sport, life or at work.


The profile is not about searching for the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to think or act, it is about helping you become more aware of where you naturally sit, meaning that you can then look to be more flexible and adaptable to various situations.   We recognise that people change when there’s something to be won and lost, and we can learn so much from observing this.  


The profile is split into three parts: Know Self (what are your preferences), Know Method (how you can do the best version of you) and Know Mind (how your mind works).   It takes into account the basic processes of motivation, learning and emotion to help you see how you can FLEX your behavioural style and COPE in a variety of ways - it is not about where you are, it is about where you can get to."

If you are interested in completing this profile, please email for more information.

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